Talk About it, Write About it, Report About it...

3 amazing tools in ONE app for schools.

Schools can help give our children a better chance to break the chains of our bullying epidemic!

Teaching children with latest technology is becoming the new standard.

Repetition using these devices and learning how to safety communicate are combined into one easy App.

Teachers and Administrators can see and use REAL TIME data and respond to potentials threats helping to ensure safety for everyone.

Counselors and Academic Intervention Teams can utilize the tools to help educate children with difficulties.


• Opens dialogue
• Teaches speaking, listening & writing skills
• Builds character & restores confidence
• Builds critical thinking skills & helps find common ground
• Fosters empathy, aids in identifying strengths and weaknesses & helps staff identify trends & hot spots, allowing for early support and intervention.

Security tool
Provides Resources
Improves quality of life

The Talking Jar Series Inc.
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